Bits and Pieces III:
Investigation 1: Decimals - More or Less
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Bits and Pieces III
Concept with Explanation
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Bits and Pieces III, along with Bits and Pieces I and Bits and Pieces II, completes the development of meaning of, and operations on, fractions, decimals, and percents. This unit will help students to:

Picture Vocabuary

decimal:  a number written in base ten with a decimal point. the numbers to the right of the decimal point are the part of a whole number.

repeating decimal: a decimal with a repeating pattern of numbers.
i.e. 0.33333333...

terminating decimal: a decimal that has a last number or ending point

dividend: the number you are dividing from
i.e. in 6 / 4 = 3, six is the dividend

divisor:  the number you are dividing by
i.e. in 6 / 4 = 3, four is the divisor

quotient:  the answer from a division problem
i.e. in 6 / 4 = 3, three is the quotient

powers of ten:  multiples of ten in the form
i.e. 10=10, 10*10=100, 10*10*10=1000,...