Flight Bonus Day 1: Bill Nye Flight

Hoop Plane
Straw-Hoop Plane
Straw Plane
Straw Plane Design

The Bat
Simple single wing

Principles of flight.
Flying Ring
  1. Flying Ring
  2. Design 2: 10 easy

  1. Helicopter: Design 1
  2. Spinster Design 2
G-1 Laminated
Simple Flat-Wing Glider

flat wing glider
Air Foil Glider
NASA Wing Design Simulator
NASA Air Foil Simulator
Soda Straw Rocket Science

Pitsco Straw Rockets
  1. Pitsco Straw Rocket
  2. Projectile Motion
Kitchen Pantry
Paper Wrap Rocket Designs

Kites at NASA
NASA Rocket Modeler
NASA Wing Design Simulator
NASA Air Foil Simulator
Model Rocket Links
Aerodynamics Links

HowTo Fly a Kite.

Kite Designs: Attaching lines and spars.

Kite Construction Methods

Online Kite Simulator

Nasa's Kite Simulator
Kite Safety
Delta Wing Kites
  1. Design 1: Small
  2. Design 2: Newsprint
  3. Design 3:
  4. Design 4: Percents

Billy Bear
Diamond Kite
  1. Design 1: Small
  2. Design 2: 
  3. Design 3: Australian Diamond
  4. Design 4: Billy Bear's Mini
Masters' Minisled
Simple Sled
  1. Design 1: small
  2. Design 2: drawings
  3. Design 3: 2-cent mini
  4. Design 4: Paper Bag
  5. Design 5: Masters' Minisled

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