Gravity Powered Car Design Project

You will build a car to explore forces and motion: momentum, inertia, mass, friction, simple machines, technical drawing, and the technological design framework.


Gravity Racer Technical Drawing Design Worksheet 

Scooters and Gravity Racer Picture Gallery 

1st competition-velocity-fastest down the 1-meter/3-foot ramp

2nd competition-inertia/friction-furthest from base of ramp

3rd competition-momentum-pushes a foam block the furthest from base of ramp

  • No more than 30cm length x 15cm width
  • may not use pre-made car kit parts for the frame/body
  • may use generic (non-car) building toy sets like LEGO, k'Nex, Magnetix, Erector, etc.
  • may decorate with anything you like
  • may use toy wheels, bottle caps, or any other round objects for wheels (dollar/bargain/thrift stores & garage sales are great sources for stuff)
  • gravity powered only: may not have any drive/propulsion motors/balloons/rubber bands/springs, etc. 
Science Olympiad Racer Design Page

Pinewood Derby Plans

CD Drive Wheels

Shoebox Car

wheels are inside and poke through the bottom

Speed Tips

Sample Photo 5

Brief Description

Sample Photo 6

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Robot Racer

CD Wheels and Axles

Brief Description

Straw & Skewer axles

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Sample Photo 10

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Sample Photo 11

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Sample Photo 12

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