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Aerodynamics- Bernoulli's Principle & Flight
How is pressure used?
Silver Sensing Thinking HandHow does flight work?
Silver Sensing Feeling HeartHow does Bernoulli's principle effect me?
Intuitive Thinking-HeadWhere in the universe does Bernoulli's principle work?
Silver Intuitive FeelingHow is Bernoulli's principle different in different fluids?
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Flight: Chapter 3 Section 4: Pages 97-101
Forces & EnergyTextbook
Note** Printed textbook is wrong--Bernoulli explanation of flight is incorrect!!!
**see NASA's explanation!!!

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Projects by Learning Style and Media Type
Silver Sensing THinking Hand Sensing-Thinking (Mastery)
  1. Create a diagram that shows showing how Bernoulli's principle works in chimneys.
Silver Sensing Feeling Heart Sensing-Feeling (Interpersonal)
A time when you...
  1. Show how you witness flight in daily life. .
Intuitive Thinking-Head Intuitive-Thinking (Understanding)
Playing with facts

  1. Create a diagram that compares or contrasts many different instances of Bernoulli's principle
Silver Intuitive Feeling Intuitive-Feeling (Self-Expressive)
Creating new possibiliteis

  1. Show how Bernoulli's principle exists accross the universe in different media.

  1. Make a video or animation of flight  (see options above.) Narrate, subtitle, or text page to show this week's concepts.

  1. Create a PowerPoint, ToonDoo, or other graphic that shows one of the projects above.

garagebandPodcast Audio

  1. Make a radio show, podcast, or song about flight (see options above.) Narrate, subtitle, or text page to show this week's concepts.
ArtistMusicianLive Presentation Project

  1. Make a poster, play, song or cartoon showing your understanding of flight in its many forms.
Essential Vocabulary & Concepts
Picture Core Knowledge or Concept
force over area bernoulli strawBernoulli's principle says that the pressure exerted by a faster moving stream of fluid is less than the pressure of the surrounding slower

In the picture to the left, the gas in the smaller tube moves faster and creates lower pressure, letting the higher pressure large tube push the liquid below.

In the straw to the right, the fast stream of air over the straw pulls the water up into its low pressure zone.

This can be observed in chimney smoke floating up.
force over area bernoulli strawBernoulli's principle explains whitewater rapids in flat rivers and streams.

In the picture to the left, as the flow narrows, the fluid speeds up and pressure is lower.

In rapids on the right, the fast stream slows as the river widens and pressure goes up.

Modern wings are shaped to create lift.
Many books wrongly use Bernoulli's principle to explain lift. See NASA explanation.

Lift is an upward force on an object in a moving fluid.
  Dynamic pressure is the pressure of moving fluid on a surface.
When a moving fluid changes direction, high and low pressure zones are created.

As river water hits the front of the rock, it piles up in a high pressure zone.
Behind the rock a low pressure hole forms.
Whitewater rafters and kayakers use these holes to rest up.

Angle of attack is the angle of a wing into a moving fluid.
  1. The wing's upward angle of attack creates dynamic pressure under the wing.
  2. As air changes direction over the wing, a lower presesure area is created over the wing.
  3. The difference between high pressure below and low pressure above pushes the wing up.

Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782) Swiss mathematician whosework with moving fluids is the basis of today's work with airplanes, submarines, water systems, and hydraulics.


Sails and kites create natural airfoils that use wind to create lift.