Core Support Agenda
Core Strand Links
Core Math
Everyday Math Student Reference
Bits And Pieces
  1. Fundraising Fractions
  2. Sharing And Comparing with Fractions
  3. Moving between Fractions and Decimals
  4. Working With Percents

  1. Estimating With Fractions
  2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  3. Multiplying With Fractions
  4. Dividing With Fractions
Bits And Pieces
  1. Decimals _ More or Less
  2. Decimal Times
  3. The Decimal Divide
  4. Using Percents
  5. More About Percents

Covering And Surrounding
  1. Designing Bumper Cars
  2. Changing Area, Changing Perimeter
  3. Measuring Triangles
  4. Measuring Parallelograms
  5. Measuring Irregular Shapes

Data About Us
  1. Looking at Data
  2. Using Graphs To Explore Data
  3. What Do We Mean By Mean

How Likely Is It?
  1. A First Look at Chance
  2. Experimental & Theoretical Probability
  3. Making Decisions With Probability
  4. Probability, Genetics, and Games

  1. Factors And Products
  2. Whole Number Patterns
  3. Common Multiples and Factors
  4. Factorization: Searching For Factor Strings
  5. Putting It All Together
  1. Bees and Polygons
  2. Polygons and Angles
  3. Polygon Properties and Tiling
  4. Building Polygons

Hands-On Equations

  1. I can solve problems using order of operations. (PEMDAS)
  2. I can read, write, and evaluate a variable expression or in a real world problem.
  3. I can apply the properties or operations to create equivalent expressions.
  4. I can identify when two expressions are equivalent

Pre Bits III

I Can Fluently Divide Multi-Digit Numbers
ISAT Practice
6th Grade I-Cans
4th-Grade Essentials
5th-Grade Essentials
6th-Grade Essentials